A People’s Home:

Regeneration of Glenaladale will be based on the concept of turning a family home into a metaphorical PEOPLE’s HOME.

Our ancestors came to Prince Edward Island to create a new home for their families. Glenaladale will build on this by becoming a place to:

  • Be with family
  • Be remembered
  • Make memories
  • Find your roots
  • Learn by doing
  • Rest/Heal/Recover
  • Celebrate PEI’s culture
  • Explore
  • Feel connected
  • Tell and preserve stories
  • Be accepted
  • Value work & sharing of  tasks
  • PLAY!!!

It will create a public place of recognition and will honour the skills, courage and foresight of the early settlers of Prince Edward Island.

A vibrant cultural centre supported by a diverse range of activities focussed on ancestral connections & cultural experiences, retreats, and ecology, will re-ignite the spirit of self-reliance so present in these people.

Honouring Our Past:

Glenaladale will give a sense of place to the many Scottish and Irish people whose ancestors arrived on Prince Edward Island through the efforts of Captain John and his son Father John and will pay homage to the Acadian and Mi’kmaq people who lived in the area before them.

The brick home will be restored to reflect its first 100 years, from 1884-1984. It will serve as an applied research centre, a meeting space and reception area for special events such as cultural gatherings, small festivals, folklore presentations, weddings and teas, and accommodate academic retreats, children’s camps, and a Scottish family history centre.

The rum-running history of the property will be highlighted. The other entreprenuerial efforts of the MacKinnons will also be honoured, as will Ruth MacKinnon Barlow’s folk art.

Art Gallery, Café and Gift Shop:

The old Glenaladale School will be become the gateway to the Estate and will include a cafe/gift shop, event space, gallery, and interpretive space. Artisan space will also be included.

The Land:

The philosophy of the Macdonald Movement for Rural Education will serve as a foundation for a working mixed farm providing education and experiences about rural life, agricultural practices, fresh, local food, sustainability and the environment; demonstration vegetable and floral gardens showcasing native and heritage varieties in a sustainable ecosystem; and demonstration projects by Glenaladale partners addressing rural, agricultural, and environmental sustainability.

Also through its partnerships, the Estate will have a network of walking trails over and through terrain that varies from secluded wooded areas, to open agricultural fields, to impressive waterscapes.

Archaeological research has already started to uncover centuries of settlement and will continue. Visitors will have an opportunity for hands-on involvement both in the dig and through personalized ½-day experiences on the farm, on the land…wherever one’s interests lie.

The ancient portage which passed through the property will be restored, providing a contemplative place to pause and focus on how our ancestors lived and survived.

The marshland will be preserved as an ecological habitat with observation stations at various locations. The woods will be used for a diverse range of year-round educational and health-promoting activities.

Glenaladale – A National Treasure on a Small Island!

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