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Our Supporters

We are very grateful to everyone who has supported the Trust in so many ways!

Our Volunteers

Without the following people who have volunteered their talents or provided active assistance in other ways, our tasks would be much more difficult! Please contact the Trust to learn how you can help out—for a few hours, a few days, or longer!

Pamela Anderson
Claude Arsenault
Myrna & Gordon Babineau
Kyle Timothy Blood
Carl Brydon
Eithne Brydon
Aiden Campbell
Kelly Caseley
Anne Cheverie
Lisa Cheverie
George Coade
Estelle Coffin
Ron Coffin
David Corrigan
Deanna Corrigan
Lawrence Corrigan
Debbie Dougan
Stella Fitzpatrick
Mia Fradsham
Richard Furlong
Paul Gallant
Jim Gormley
Marian Gormley
Denise Harper
Holland College Heritage Retrofit Carpentry students Katelyn Dewar, Callista Tan, Bronwen Breeze, Janelle & friend, James, Carter MacLellan
Alan Howatt
HMCS Queen Charlotte Community Outreach Team: David MacPherson, Gabriel Mercier, Chadwick Dunsford & Alex Donahue
Dana Hughes
John Hughes
Joyce Hughes
Melanie Hughes
Evan Karl
Fr. Keith Kennific
Vince Keoughan
Max Knechtel
David Knight
Gail Larter Dempsey
Frank & Juanita Lechowick
Anna MacAdam
Donald MacDonald
Evan MacDonald
Leo MacDonald
Marc MacDonald
Mary Jane MacDonald
Patrice MacDonald
Samuel MacDonald
Tammy MacDonald
Urban MacDonald
Joey MacDonald
Elmer MacDougall
Joan MacDougall
Mary MacGillivray
Sheila MacKenzie
Marjorie MacKinnon
David MacPherson
J. Dan McAskill
Jimmy McQuaid
Frank Morrison
Marion Mosher
Cian O’Morain
Keith Mullen
Lloyd Mullen
Michael Pendergast
Shane Pendergast
Molly Pendergast
Doris Poole
Lianne Poole
Bernie Power
Fred Power
Meg Preston
Joan Procter
Eddy Quinn
Nancy Reddin
Tony Reddin
John Rowe
Morley Smith
Ethan Spenceley
Sterling Stratton
Gwen Vessey
Winter River Tracadie Bay Watershed Association, esp. Sarah Wheatley
Fred Vanderkloet
Darwin Woods
Sabina Zeltner

If we’ve overlooked anyone, please forgive us and get in touch so we can add you!

Unspecified Donations

It warms our hearts to be able to thank the following for their generous support of our efforts to preserve and oversee development of Glenaladale Estate. Our plan will both maximize the incredible opportunities the Estate provides—via the many layers to the story, to the architecture, and to the property itself—and ensure this historic property is protected for future generations.

84th Regiment of Foot, 2nd Battalion
Amys, Phillip
Armelini, Mary
Babineau, Myrna
Bellefleur, Nicole
Blake Hooff, Sally
Blood, Kyle
Boyd, Mary
Campbell, Bertha
Carrier, Anita
Coffin, Garth
Corrigan, Cathy
Corrigan, Gilbert
Craig, Linda
Davey, Daphne
Deacon, F. Martha
Degreef, Muriel
Dewar, Katherine
Doyle, Fran
Doyle, Theresa
Elliott, Bruce
Farquharson, Jane
Fillmore & Rankin, Mary & Joanna
Fitzpatrick, Marguerite
Fitzpatrick, Maurice
Fitzpatrick, Patricia
Fitzpatrick, Stella
Fobes, Martin
Friends of St. Andrew
Gallant, Mary J.
Gallant, Paul
Gallant-Bellefleur, Mary K.
Gillis, Eileen
Goforth, Allene
Goodwin, Heather
Grasse, Wendell
Guilmette, Kerry
Harris, Lorna M.G.
Heroux, Lisa
Hillsborough River Association
Hogg, Lucille
Hook, Bill
Hough, Beverly
Hufnagel, Lynn
Hughes, Philip
Hyndman, Peter
Jenkins, Danny
Jodoin, Len
Johnston, Claudette
Keenlyside, David
Kehoe, Karly
Kells, Anne
Kelly, George
Kelly, Noreen
Kerby, Anastasia
Kirkwood, Elayne
Kitching, James & Diane
Lacey, Scott & Barb
Ladell, Pam
Ladner, Lillian
Larkin, Kathleen
Lasalle, Mike
Lechowick, Frank & Juanita
Leddy, Jennifer
Lewis, Kevin
MacCormac, Susan
MacDonald, Alex
MacDonald, Anne
MacDonald, Donald & Patrice
MacDonald, E.P.
MacDonald, Ellen
MacDonald, Ian A.G.
MacDonald, Jim
MacDonald, John
MacDonald, Kenzie
MacDonald, Leo
MacDonald, Marion
MacDonald, Marjorie
MacDonald, Mary
MacDonald, Nancy
Macdonald, Nona
MacDonald, Rev. Paul V.
Macdonald, Philip
MacDonald, Rosemary
MacDonald & Baukch, Ian & Samantha
MacDonald, Susan
MacDonald Cheng, Marlene
MacFarlane, Barb
MacInnis, Norman
MacKinnon, Allison
MacKinnon, Donna
MacKinnon, Frank
MacKinnon, Ken
MacKinnon, Steve
MacLachlan, Edith
MacLeod, Carol
MacLeod Leiser, Mary
MacMillan, Barb
MacPhail, Fran
MacPherson, Mary
McAskill, Brian
McAskill, J. Daniel
McCardle, Mary
McDougall, Harold & Marilyn
McIntyre, Neela
McKillop, Carolyn
McKinnon, Joseph
Meacher, Michael
Montgomery, Brett
Morin, Daniel
Mullally, Conor
Mullally, George
Mullen, Keith
Nicholson, Edith
Noonan, Patsy
Oates, Donna & Martin
Palmer, Louis J.
Patton, Donald
PEI Genealogical Society
Pendergast, Eileen
Pfeiffer, Audrey
Poczynek, Michael
Power, Bernadette
Power, Patricia
Reddin, Aggi-Rose
Reddin, Jim
Reddin, Nancy
Reddin, Peggy
Reid, Aline
Reid, M. Doreen
Rolin, Judi
Ross, A. Jean
Ross, Kathleen
Rush, Patrick
Scales, Nora
Scott, Daphne & Ian
Shanahan, Elizabeth
Shapiro, Laura
Smith, Arnold G.
Smith, Gerald
Smith, Morley
Stapleton, Laurie
Stevenson, Bruce & Gale
St-Aubin, Lenard
Sutter, Sallie
Teuya, Nancy
Trufont, Christine
Visetsuth, Peeranut
Walmsley, Diane
Walsh, Eileen
Whalen, James
Wood, Steve & Ellen
Wooldridge, Goops

Buy-a-Brick Honourees - Bricks

Our ongoing Buy-A-Brick campaign  provides a unique way to have yourself or those you care about honoured at Glenaladale. Numbered certificates are issued and in the near future, a virtual Glenaladale will allow you to see the items as they are onsite.

Virtual Bricks have been purchased in honour of:

(Surname, Given name, Brick #)


Andrew, John W., 112-15
Anonymous, 2-13
Arbing, Philip 182
Arnold, Ronald Francis, “In memory of” 354
Arsenault, Laurie 224
Arthurs, The, 270


Babineau, Gordon & Myrna, 103
Beazley, John, 183
Bellefleur, Nicole, 200
Bevan Baker, Peter, 251-252
Boyd, Alan, 156
Boyd, Alanna, 154
Boyd, Colin, 153
Boyd, Mary, 155
Bradley, Mary C., 89
Burnett, E. Mary, 282-283
Byrne, Randy D., 32


Campbell, John, 374
Campbell, Kate, 376
Campbell, Tara, 375
Campion, Dennis & Margaret, 296-297
Cheverie Charles & Clara (Austin), “In memory of”, 181
Chiasson-Rankins, The, 306
Coffin, Estelle, 219
Coffin, Florence, 365
Coffin, Harold, 302-303
Coffin (nee MacDonald), Florence, 301
Coker, Carol, 42
Coker Kevin, “In memory of”, 69
Compton, Stephanie, 119
Corrigan, Darlene, 29
Corrigan, Gwynne, 210
Corrigan, Wayne, 211
Craig, Linda, 1


Daley, Louis & Evelyn, 257-258
Dalziel, Cheryl M., 90
Dalziel, Susan, 271
Davis, Philip & Catrin, 196-197
Dawson, Barbara, 294
Deachman, Lynne (MacDonald), 30
Deagle, Aiden, 330
DeLong, Ruth, 304
Dewar, Katherine, 343
Dolan, Tony, 317-318
Dougan, Mike 391-392
Doyle, Teresa & Bill, 355
Doyle, Troy & Yoko, 356
Doyle & Kimball, Leanne & Mark, 357



Ferris, Meg, 67
Fitzpatrick, Bernie, 169-170
Fitzpatrick, Eddie, “In memory of”, 172
Fitzpatrick, Joan, “In memory of” ,171
Fitzpatrick, Patricia, 186-188
Fitzpatrick, Stella, 192


Gallant, Bonnie, 59-62
Gallant-Bellefleur, Mary, 191
Garrett, Ronald, 256
Gaudet, Gary, 206
Gauthier, Laura, 248
Gauthier, Mikaela, 249
Gauthier, Rosie, 250
Gauthier, Sonny, 247
Gillis, Gracie, 358
Glover, Vance & Christina, 281
Goodwin, Malcolm, 359
Grant, Beth, 366
Grant, Dave & Beth, 313-314
Grant, Korri (Redmond), 265
Grant, Lincoln, 264
Green, Jenine, 208-209
Griffin, Diane, 43-44


Hall, Dorena, 126
Hall, Wylie, 127
Harper, Denise, 37
Harper, Pauline MacDougall, 35
Height, Louise, 379
Heron, Louis, 277
Hickox-Stinson, Rowena M., 230
Hooper, Reg, 194
Hufnagel, Lynn, 353
Hughes, Noreen, 198
Hughes (nee MacDonald), Jean, 299



Jay, Kevin, 207
Jeffery, Carter, 287


Kells, Anne, 289
Kelly, George, 53-56
Kirkwood, Bob, 334
Kirkwood, Elaine, 333
Kirkwood, Jenna, 338
Kirkwood, Kendra, 339
Kirkwood, Lanny, 340
Kirkwood, Larissa, 336
Kirkwood, Owen, 337
Kirkwood, Spencer, 335
Koughan, Willie & Ann, 189


Lacey, Barbie & Scott, 184
Lacey, Jillian & Danielle, 214
Lacey, Wilfred & Faye, 93-96
Ladner Upholstery, 316
Lannan, Helen, 201
Larkin, Kaye, 128
Linton, Christina, 57
Loughney, John, 18


MacArthur, Robert & Pauline, 367
MacAulay, Frances, 190
MacCallum, David, 217
MacDonald, A. Bernard, “In memory of”, 51
MacDonald, Alanna, 122
MacDonald, Aletha, 300
MacDonald, Alexandra, 123
MacDonald, Ann, 31
MacDonald, Ann, 221
MacDonald, Ann, 286
MacDonald, Sister Catherine (Sr. Reginald Marie), CND, “In memory of”, 398
MacDonald, Carl & Genevieve, 261
MacDonald, Cynthia, 167
MacDonald, Daniel Wilfred, 364
MacDonald, Debbie, 118
MacDonald, Donald Augustus “In memory of”, 397
MacDonald, Donald “Borrodale” “Allisary”, 361
MacDonald, Donald “Tracadie”, 362
Macdonald, Doug, 27
MacDonald, Helen, 288
MacDonald, Ian A.C., 368-369
MacDonald, Isabelle “Rhetland”, 363
MacDonald, Jackie, 255
MacDonald, James, 58
MacDonald, Jerome E & Nan, 263
MacDonald, Joanne & Sheila, 212
MacDonald, Johnathan, 180
Macdonald, Katharine, 120
MacDonald, Kermit & Sandy, 91
MacDonald, Leo, 168
MacDonald, Liz, 174
MacDonald, Marion, 117
MacDonald, Mark, 175
MacDonald, Marla, 68
MacDonald, Mary, 88
MacDonald, Nancy 395
MacDonald, Neena Beth, 52
MacDonald, Nicholas, 121
Macdonald, Nora, 305
MacDonald, Paul, 33
MacDonald, R. Joseph E., “In memory of”, 74-75
MacDonald, Reg, 173
MacDonald, Roderick J., “In memory of”,70-71
MacDonald, Rosemary, 215-216
MacDonald, Sarah Coony, “In memory of”, 72-73
MacDonald, Sister Rosemary, 295
MacDonald, Sister Wanda, 254
MacDonald, Terence, 116
MacDonald, Terence, 223
MacDonald, Tom, 280
MacDonald, William B., 389
MacDonald, William B., Jr., 390
MacDonald, Mary Jane & siblings, 262
MacDonald King, Patricia Jessie, 388
MacDonald MacDougall, Josephine, “In memory of”, 36
MacDonald MacEachern, Andrea, 178
MacDonald MacLean, Stephanie, 179
MacDonald Walker, Nancy, 177
MacDonald Young, Suzanne, 176
MacEwen, Billy, 328
MacEwen, Linda & Derek, 163
MacEwen, Steffen, 329
MacInnis, Peggy & Charlie, 124
MacIntyre, Ambrose, 381
MacIntyre, Gladys, 218
MacIntyre, John, 382
MacIntyre, Martha, 383
MacIsaac, Sister Mildred, 290
MacKenzie, Eileen, 394
MacKenzie McLeod, Barbara, 274
MacKenzie Stosky, Janet, 272
MacKinnon, Aretas, 331
MacKinnon, Connie, 162
MacKinnon, Wade, 195
MacKinnon-Peters, Glenda, 159
MacLean, Roderick, 45
MacLean, Shawn, 370-371
MacMillan Cahoon, Kay, “In memory of”, 315
MacPhail, Fran, 46-49
Martens, Patrick, 20
Maynard, Brent A., 220
McAskill, Dan & Evelyn, 166
McAskill, J. Dan, 165
McCardle, Claude, 185
McDougall, Elmer, 203
McDougall, Joan, 202
McDougall, Marilyn & Harold, 125
McEwen, Dylan, Brett & Niki, 164
McGrath, Mary Beth & Paul, 332 396
McIntosh, Sarah, 284-285
McIntosh-MacIntyre, Margaret, 380
McIntyre, Neila, 17
McKenna, Ange, 276
McManus, Ann, 213
McNeil, Mary Ellen, 360
McQuaid, John, 76-83
McQuillan, Jim, 92
Miller, John Kenneth, 291
Montigny, Belinda, 16
Morrison, Anne M., 279
Morrison, George J., 278
Morrison, Jim, 231-246
Mullally, Joe, 259-260
Mullen, Leonard, 327
Mullen, Margie, 308
Mullen, Mary “I.J.”, 97
Munton, Steve, 393
Murnaghan, Paula & Gerard, 311
Murphy, Pamela, 205


Newman, Marilyn, 292-293


Ogilvy, Ellen, 269
O’Keefe, Gavin, 310


Page, Lewis, 23-26
Patton, Donald J., 104-111
Pendergast, Carolyn, 22
Pendergast, Elizabeth, 204
Perry, John, 38-41
Peters, Alan, 193
Peters, Hannah, 161
Peters, Kyle, 160
Peters, Wayne, 158
Podgurski, Allyson, 15
Power, Bernadette, 136-147
Power, Dylan, 309
Power, John, 151
Power, Mary Campbell, 149
Power, Patricia, 152
Power, Sister Mary, 150
Power, William, 148
Pratt, Heather, 157



Raynor, Maureen, 14
Reddin, Ellie, 253
Reddin, Nancy, 129-135
Redmond, Christine, 268
Redmond, Kellie, 266
Redmond Mott, Lindsay, 267
Redmond, Rita A (MacDonald), 50
Roberts, Keith & Pat, 84-87
Robinson, Arthur (John), 63-66


Sanderson, Allyson, 227
Sanderson, Charles, 228
Sanderson, David, 225
Sanderson, June, 226
Sanderson, Kenneth, 229
Saunders, Stacey, 102
Shreenam, Ivan & Mary, 312
Smith, Arnold, 222
Smith, Carter, 21
Smith, Scott, 399
Snively, Jordan, 341
Snively, Robert, 342
Steve’s Woodworking, 307
Stewart, Hugh Ronald, 344
Stosky, Adam James, 275
Stosky, Victoria Olivia, 273


Townshend, Isaac, 384
Townshend, Roger, 387
Townshend, Rowan, 385
Townshend, Susan, 386
Trainor, Maryleah, 199
Tripp, Beverly, 34



Vargas, Rafael, 19


Wadey, Paula, 28
Watts, Agnes, 101
Watts, Alfred, 100
Watts, Francis “Buck”, 98
Watts, Margie, 99
Whalen, Abigail, 320
Whalen, Adrianna, 352
Whalen, Bridget, 346
Whalen, Chloe, 373
Whalen, Ciara, 349
Whalen, Claire, 321
Whalen, Daniel, 325
Whalen, Eireann, 350
Whalen, Hannah, 348
Whalen, Jacqueline, 322
Whalen, James, 378
Whalen, Jason, 372
Whalen, Krista, 351
Whalen, Liam, 323
Whalen, Madeleine, 319
Whalen, Matthew, 324
Whalen, Ronalda (MacDonald), 377
Whalen, Sean, 347
Whalen, Thomas, 345
Whalen, Trevor, 326
Wilson, Rev. John A.C., 298

Buy-a-Brick Honourees - Stairs

Virtual Stairs have been purchased in honour of:

(Surname, Given Name, Stair #)

Campbell, Don & Betty, 36
Carver, Horace & Lucille, 14
Corkum, Blair & Shirley Clark-Corkum, 38
Goforth, Allene, 7
Hyndman, Harry E & Etta, “In memory of”, 6
Jeffery, Betty 37
Kenny, Paula, 5
Lewis, Dorothy, 17
MacDonald, Donald Allan (1819-1906), “In memory of”, 12
MacDonald, Father Allan, “In memory of”, 1
MacDonald, Genevieve, “In memory of” 15, 18-33
MacDonald, Isabella (1829-1897), “In memory of”, 13
MacDonald, J. Ken & Anne C., 34
MacDonald, Joanne & Sheila, 2
MacDonald, Mary Anabella (1854-1892), “In memory of”, 11
Macdonald, Winifred L., “In memory of”, 4
MacKenzie, Donald Angus, “In memory of”, 9
MacKenzie, Joseph Aeneas (1890-1959), “In memory of”, 10
Murphy, David, 35
Niemeyer, Drew, 8
Potter, Donald, 3
Sisters of St. Martha, 16

Buy-a-Brick Honourees - Windows

Virtual Windows have been purchased in honour of:

Tom Allen, #4 (3rd floor west)
Keir Clark, #1
Good Neighbourly 50+ Club, #7
Kaye Larkin #2
Annette MacDonald, “In memory of”, #8 (3rd floor south)
Joseph MacDonald, “In memory of”, #6
Marjorie MacKinnon, #3 (2nd floor West in SW bedroom)
Dr. Dorothy Pawluch, Theodor Pawluch & Maria Filomena, #5
Bernadette Power #9

Buy-a-Brick Honourees - Doors

Virtual Doors have been purchased in honour of:

Interior Doors:

Cathy Corrigan, #3
Marguerite Fitzpatrick, #2
Bernadette Power, #1

Exterior Doors:

Peter Hyndman, #1

Buy-a-Brick Honourees - Rooms

Virtual Rooms have been purchased in honour of:

Dining Room: Anonymous

Founding Families

March 3rd, 2019 marks the first anniversary of Glenaladale Heritage Trust’s purchase of Glenaladale Estate.

In June we will hold the official launch of our Founding Families campaign which helps to ensure we’re able to continue our work on regeneration of the Estate during this critical development phase.

We are very pleased that even before our official launch, the following families have stepped up to come onboard as Founding Families:

The Corrigans

“Bedeque” MacDonalds

“Maple Hill” MacDonalds

The Powers

Michael LaSalle

If you would like to learn more about this initiative please contact us!

Memorial Donations

In memory of Genevieve MacDonald:

Vincent Baird
Beaconsfield Assembly
Serge J. Bernard
June Brennan
Claude Buote
Rosemary Curley
Angela Doucette
Charles & Anna Duffy
Joyce England
Mary Gallant
Judith & Donald J. Gillis
Shirley & family Good
Sheila & Dr. Peter Gorman
Andrea Grant
Kevin & Diane Griffin
Arlene Kelly
Jim & Eleanor Koughan
Heather J. MacDonald
Hugh & Sandra MacDonald
James B. MacDonald
Kathleen, Jennifer, & Jessica MacDonald
Ken & Lorraine MacDonald
Kirby MacDonald
Lynn & Roderick MacDonald
Rosemary MacDonald
Sister Ann MacDonald
Helen MacDonald Bruce
Hillard & Rowena MacKinnon
Nancy & Michael MacKinnon & O’Connor
Cecil & Marion MacPhail
Kim McKenny
Terry Memosys
Jacqueline & Ronald Moore
Aline Reid
PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society
Tom & Donna Sullivan
A. Gregory & Mabel M. Toler
Anne Marie Tomlins
Margaret Vloet-Morrison
James & Ronalda Whalen
Susan Willis

In memory of Leo J. MacDonald:

Ian A.G. MacDonald

In memory of Clare (MacKinnon) Mullen:

Christie Batt
Len & Elizabeth Driscoll
Mabel England
Eileen Flanagan
Robert Hughes
Cynthia MacDonald
Connie MacKinnon & Family
Ken & Sandy MacKinnon
Wade MacKinnon
Roddie & Miriam MacLean
Patricia Power
Lloyd & Maureen Soloman
Ron & Joy Stewart
Willena Stewart
Cindy Taylor
Donna & Lorna Thompson
Policy & Research Colleagues at Veterans Affairs Canada (c/o Maureen Denison)
Brenda Van Gall

In memory of Rev. Allan F. MacDonald:
MacDonald, Rosemary

In memory of Rev. Paul MacDonald:
Ann Dockrill
Tom Sullivan

In memory of Claire (MacDonald) Muise:
Duffy, Anna
Farmer, Susan
Gallant, Mary J.
McAskill, Daniel
MacDonald (II), Rosemary
PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society
Whalen, Ronalda

Corporate, Organizations, & Philanthropic Foundations

We are very grateful to the following for understanding the treasure that is Glenaladale and for providing their support, either financially or through their services!

WB Burke & Son Locksmiths

If your company or foundation would like to be added to this list, please contact us! The regeneration of the Estate is a multi-phase undertaking; sponsorship and in-kind donations are also very much appreciated and will be appropriately recognized here and onsite.

Lairds of Glenaladale

For a donation of $100,000, those special people who truly understand what Glenaladale Heritage Trust is about and have the means to contribute in a grand way, will be acknowledged and celebrated as a Laird of Glenaladale!

We feel this description of a modern-day Laird fits very well with the philosophy adopted by the Trust and its supporters:

“The job of laird is solely about capabilities, not about being a man or a woman; it is about having that care required in stewardship, that passion to keep going.” K. Stephen, Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association

Artifacts & Material Culture

Glenaladale is to be a place where all can feel a sense of HOME.

We recognize the families of Capt John MacDonald and the MacKinnons, but also know how many other families have ties to Glenaladale, by virtue of two Scottish and two Irish settlement schemes connected to the Estate: Glenaladale Settlers of 1772 and their friends and relatives who came in 1790/91; and Glasgow Irish of 1830 and Monaghan Settlers of late 1830s-mid 1840s.

And of course everyone should have a place that feels like home, so donations from others are welcome as well.

Through donations of artifacts and material culture of other sorts, the following people have ensured their families will be remembered and they will always have a place where they are welcome:

  • Proceeds from Helen MacDonald of Glenaladale “Miss Nelly” (purchase here ) donated by the family of Genevieve MacDonald, Hillsborough River Assoc. & PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society:
  • Exploring Glenaladale donated by Sterling Stratton (purchase here). Sterling developed this sketchbook after realizing just what a special place Glenaladale is! All proceeds from sales support the work of Glenaladale Heritage Trust.
  • The “Cameron McEwen Island History Collection” donated by Cameron McEwen and curated by Donna Collings
  • A selection of books donated by Shirley McNally Tuplin
  • A selection of Scottish-themed books donated by Jane Walker
  • An assortment of antique furniture, books, and household goods donated by Marion Clark
  • 5-piece parlour set donated by Donald “Apple Valley “ and Patrice MacDonald and their family: William (Billy), Benjamin, Emily-Kate, Sarah-Jayne, Patrick, and Gemma-Dawn.
  • A crystal punchbowl, cups, & ladle donated by Fran MacPhail, who was told it had belonged to a Lt. Governor…provenance TBD
  • A quantity of cups and saucers donated by Belinda Montigny
  • A pennant from Ontario Agricultural College donated by Clare Mullen. It belonged to Claude MacKinnon who had studied there before joining the federal government in Ottawa.
  • Prints, frames, lanterns, & antique farm tools donated by Morley and Rolla Smith
  • 1922 commemorative medal donated by Anne Cameron
  • A copy of “From Home and From Away” (MacKinnon family history) donated by Glenda MacKinnon-Peters
  • Tartan fabric donated by Mary Jane MacDonald
  • Sketch of Glenaladale House created and donated by Donna Kauffmann
  • Drawing of Highland Cow (Chase the Cow poster) created and donated by Lynn Gaudet of Where Pigs Fly
  • Family history research documents & texts donated by Eleanor Boswell
  • Family history research documents & historical texts donated by Lou Daley
  • Antique fireplace spit and decorative & practical items donated by Rodney Clark
  • Antique furniture & textiles donated by Harold Gunther
  • Antique wicker rocking chair donated by Lucy Kelly
  • Bookshelves and records donated by Mary Jane MacDonald
  • Antique pump organ donated by the family of Dr. Brendan O'Grady in recognition of the Irish connection
  • Books on Scotland donated by Anne Kells
  • Books of Scottish prose & poetry donated by the family of William A. Reddin
  • China, glassware & cookbooks donated by the family of J. Estelle (Haines) Reddin
  • Cassette tapes & CDs donated by Raymond & Marilyn Yu.
  • A copy of Allan Gillis (1868-1923) and Catherine “Kate” MacEachen(1881-1953) Early Settlers of Port Hood , Nova Scotia Their Ancestors and Descendants, donated by authors Burton MacDonald & Rosemarie Sampson.
  • A copy of Historical Family Insights Related to William Cornelius MacDonald (1878-1957) Auld’s Cove/ Mulgrave, NS donated by author Dennis Penton.
  • Framed portraits of Sen. J.J. MacDonald and his mother Mary Anne MacDonald of Glenfinnan, PEI, donated by JJ's granddaughter Jacqueline MacDonald.
  • A Glenaladale tartan kilt, jacket, sporran, vest, and shirt donated by Richard Currier King.
  • An original Maud Lewis painting donated by Wayne MacKinnon. Maud was a friend of Ruth MacKinnon Barlow whose own artwork is featured at Glenaladale.

While we can not guarantee all items will be used in the house, we are proud to add them to our collections and will do everything we can to include them in other buildings, either now or in the future.