Without the following people who have volunteered their talents or provided active assistance in other ways, our tasks would be much more difficult! Please contact the Trust to learn how you can help out—for a few hours, a few days, or longer!

Pamela Anderson
Claude Arsenault
Myrna & Gordon Babineau
Kyle Timothy Blood
Carl Brydon
Eithne Brydon
Aiden Campbell
Kelly Caseley
Anne Cheverie
Lisa Cheverie
George Coade
Estelle Coffin
Ron Coffin
David Corrigan
Deanna Corrigan
Lawrence Corrigan
Debbie Dougan
Stella Fitzpatrick
Richard Furlong
Paul Gallant
Marian Gormley
Denise Harper
Holland College Heritage Retrofit Carpentry students Katelyn, Callista, Bronwyn, Janelle & friend, James, Carter
Alan Howatt
Dana Hughes
John Hughes
Joyce Hughes
Melanie Hughes
Fr. Keith Kennific
Vince Keoughan
Max Knechtel
David Knight
Gail Larter Dempsey
Donald MacDonald
Evan MacDonald
Leo MacDonald
Marc MacDonald
Patrice MacDonald
Tammy MacDonald
Urban MacDonald
Joey MacDonald
Elmer MacDougall
Joan MacDougall
Mary MacGillivray
Sheila MacKenzie
Marjorie MacKinnon
J. Dan McAskill
Jimmy McQuaid
Frank Morrison
Marion Mosher
Cian O’Morain
Keith Mullen
Lloyd Mullen
Michael Pendergast
Doris Poole
Lianne Poole
Bernie Power
Fred Power
Joan Procter
Eddy Quinn
Nancy Reddin
Tony Reddin
Morley Smith
Sterling Stratton
Gwen Vessey
Winter River Tracadie Bay Watershed Association, esp. Sarah Wheatley
Darwin Woods
Sabina Zeltner

If we’ve overlooked anyone, please forgive us and get in touch so we can add you!