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Capt John MacDonald recognized as Person of National Historical Significance.

A lovely and well deserved tribute to Capt John today as he was recognized for his contribution to Prince Edward Island. The official Party was piped in by Calum Brydon and after welcoming remarks from Harry Holman, PEI rep of Heritage Sites & Monuments Board of Canada, we were led in singing  “O Canada” by Annette Campbell.

This was followed by remarks by Karen Jans field unit superintendent Parks Canada PEI and Sean Casey Parliamentary Secretary to the the Minister of Canadian Heritage & Member of Parliament for Charlottetown. The Guest speaker Dr Ken MacKinnon, retired professor of Saint Mary’s University gave a very informative talk on Capt John and his many contributions to PEI.

Heather Rossiter represented the Glenaladale family–a 5 x grand niece of Capt John ( Heather is a direct descendant of Capt Johns Sister Margaret). Heather read the inscription on the plaque and Carl MacDonald & Myrna Babineau of the PEISSHS along with Sean Casey  unveiled the plaque.

The ceremony ended with members of the 84th Royal Highland reenactment members in full uniform dress of the 18th Century  firing a volley in honor of Capt John.

A reception followed at the Tracadie Community Center, where the 84th members had setup an 18th century style tent and answered questions as well as demonstrating how to put on a belted plaid.DSC_0507EDSC_0508EDSC_0509EDSC_0511EDSC_0512EDSC_0513EDSC_0516EDSC_0518EDSC_0526EDSC_0527EDSC_0534EDSC_0539EDSC_0540EDSC_0541E (2)DSC_0545EDSC_0546EDSC_0547EDSC_0549E

Unveiling of plaque recognizing Capt John MacDonald of Glenaladale as a Person of National Historic Significance

M1On Friday July 28th at 11 a.m.  Parks Canada  will be holding a ceremony to unveil the plaque recognizing Capt John MacDonald of Glenaladale as a Person of National Historic Significance at the Old French and Scottish Cemetery on Rte 2 in Scotchfort (Scotsfort) . All are welcome to attend. We are pleased that we will have members of the 84th Regiment of Foot ( Royal Highland Emigrants) reenactment group on hand in uniform. Capt John received his title of Capt as a member of the 84th.


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“This Place Matters”

Our Glenaladale School has been picked to take part in the National Trusts “This Place Matters” competition. This gives us an opportunity to raise and win much needed funds. We need your help -its easy–log in to National Trust, Register and then vote for our project  and if you wish you can also donate to our project. Every vote is equal to one dollar and you can vote once in every 24 hour period up until July 17th.

Here is a direct link to our Project

Here is the link to the National Trusts main page for This Place Matters


Diana Gabaldon, Outlander author visits Glenaladale

It was a privilege today to share our Scottish heritage with Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series. She started with viewing artifacts then touring the Glenaladale Estate and the Scotchfort Cemetery. We shared information on the Glenaladale Settlers and the role our ancestors played in the Battle of Culloden and “Bonnie Prince Charlies” escape. Last evening Tammy MacDonald had presented her with a copy of our book Glenalladale Settlers 1772.

Thank you to Lori Cheverie and the Bookmark for making this possible.

Diana Gabaldon & ARDiana Gabaldon & MJ


Battle of Culloden

Today marks the 271st. anniversary of the Battle of Culloden. The Battle of Culloden, April 16th. 1746, marked the end of the Jacobite uprising of 1745 and the beginning of much change for many of our ancestors.

The ancestors of many of the Glenaladale Settlers were directly involved with the Jacobite uprising and in helping get Bonnie Prince Charlie safely out of Scotland to France. For this they suffered consequences.

One example of this is Mary MacDonald of the Kinlochmoidart MacDonalds and wife of Hugh Ban MacEachern. Mary had six uncles who fought for the Jacobite cause. Her Uncle Donald was tried and executed, Uncle Capt. Dr. John was captured, tortured and released,  Uncle Capt Ronald was  pardoned, Uncle Capt Aeneas ( one of the seven men of Moidart who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape) was captured and sentenced to death–he received a kings pardon and went to France, Uncle Capt. Allan also went to France after Culloden and finally Uncle Capt James was captured, escaped and went to America. The manor house of Kinlochmoidart was burned and many people captured and livestock destroyed.

What happened to Marys family, happened to many of the families who supported the Jacobite uprising. Capt Johns father Major Alexander was wounded at Culloden and his home was destroyed and cattle taken.

It is no wonder than that we grew up knowing about the Battle of Culloden, the story being told with both a sense of pride for being a part of it and helping Prince Charlie escape under the nose of many English soldiers, and anger at the treatment dished out to the Highlanders after.

Commemorative services will be held at Culloden this year, and in other parts of the world as Highlanders pause to remember these men.

As we mark this day, I hope we will pause and remember all those who have died, and suffered consequences,  for a “cause” -not only at the Battle of Culloden,  but the many battles since around the world.

Happy Tartan Day

2010 432

This Salted Silk Tartan dress was worn by Mrs Augustine Colin ( Mary Elizabeth) MacDonald–sister in law of AA MacDonald( Father of Confederation) at the 1864  Ball. The family referred to this dress as the Confederation dress. Mary Elizabeth would be a granddaughter of Peggy MacDonald ( Capt Johns Sister). The picture does not do the dress full justice. The waist is so tiny that very few people today would fit into it. The last to model it was a 13 year old descendant of the early Glenaladale Settlers at the 225 anniversary celebration of the arrival of the Glenaladale Settlers to PEI held in 1997 . Can you imagine Mr & Mrs Augustine Colin entering the Ball–Her in this dress and him in his kilt. If only these items could talk to us and tell us their story.