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In 2012, Glenaladale Estate was put up for sale, and a small group of heritage and culture enthusiasts took on the challenge of trying to ensure this very important property would be protected from unsympathetic development and regenerated to its former glory. In 2015, Glenaladale Heritage Trust was incorporated, and in 2016 we received charitable status (reg # 819486325 RR0001).

This small group of enthusiasts has since grown into a small army of volunteers working under the umbrella of the Trust. In March 2018, Glenaladale Heritage Trust was finally able to purchase the Estate, with substantial grant support from Canadian Heritage Cultural Spaces Fund and financing from the Government of Prince Edward Island.

The intent of the Trust is to: a) preserve the historical significance of the property; and b) grow awareness and appreciation for the contributions that our Scottish and Irish settlers, and rural PEI and our agricultural base, have made to the Island’s economy and the potential possible in environmentally sustainable practices.

The Trust works to recognize the early builders of the area, including the MacDonald and MacKinnon families―founders and subsequent owners of Glenaladale Estate. Through public education, active use, and the development of related assets, Glenaladale connects the past to the present to take us to a better future, with sustainability at its core.

Glenaladale Heritage Trust

Founding Members:

  • Mary J. Gallant
  • Aggi-Rose Reddin
  • Carolyn Pendergast
  • Margaret McEachern
  • Peter Hyndman

Current Board


  • Wayne Corrigan, Chair
  • Aggi-Rose Reddin, Vice-Chair
  • Cheryl Dalziel, Treasurer
  • Carolyn Pendergast, Secretary

Members at Large:

  • Mary J. Gallant
  • Mary Boyd
  • Terry Howatt
  • Marc MacDonald
  • Angela McDonell
  • John J. Rowe
  • Phil Pierlot
  • Kathy Martin
  • Gerard Long

Contact Glenaladale Heritage Trust

[email protected]


1035 Mt Stewart Road
Maple Hill, PE
C0A 1T0


The regeneration of Glenaladale would not be possible without the incredible volunteers who've pitched in to help the Trust this past year. We hope this will continue...Glenaladale is all about the importance of community, something our ancestors understood so well