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The Future

Glenaladale has always been a home to Islanders and innovation, and that spirit endures as renovations and regeneration continue. There is a long-term plan in place that will roll out in phases, each one welcoming visitors to learn about our past, enhance their understanding and abilities, and engage in new experiential opportunities.


School & House

Once Glenaladale School has been positioned as our gateway, Glenaladale House will be restored to reflect its first 100 years (1884-1984). It will serve as a space for special events such as cultural gatherings and folklore presentations, and will host tours, children’s camps, an applied research centre, and a Scottish family history centre.

The rum-running history of the property will also be highlighted as well as the entrepreneurial successes of the MacKinnons and the folk art of Ruth MacKinnon.

Mixed Farm

The Macdonald Movement for Rural Education developed by Glenaladale’s Sir William C. Macdonald will serve as the foundation for a working mixed farm that will provide education and experiences centred around rural life and sustainable agricultural practices. Demonstration vegetable and floral gardens will showcase native and heritage varieties in a sustainable ecosystem, and projects with Glenaladale partners will educate the public about agricultural and environmental sustainability.



Through partnerships, the Estate will develop a network of interpretive trails throughout its 529 acres, over and through terrain that varies from secluded wooded areas to open agricultural fields, and to impressive waterscapes. A Sculptural Forest will add to the cultural aspects of the property.


Archaeological research has already begun in uncovering centuries of settlement, and visitors will be afforded hands-on opportunities to become involved in both the dig and personalized half-day experiences on the farm, on the land, or wherever your interests lie.



Visitors looking for a contemplative place to pause and reflect will be able to take advantage of the planned restoration of the ancient portage which passed through the property, and the Estate’s marshland will be preserved as an ecological habitat with observation stations at various locations. A diverse range of year-round educational and health-promoting activities are planned for our 280 acre woodland area.


Stay tuned as new projects are unveiled and as current ones progress.