Glenaladale is to be a place where all can feel a sense of HOME.

We recognize the families of Capt John MacDonald and the MacKinnons, but also know how many other families have ties to Glenaladale, by virtue of two Scottish and two Irish settlement schemes connected to the Estate: Glenaladale Settlers of 1772 and their friends and relatives who came in 1790/91; and Glasgow Irish of 1830 and Monaghan Settlers of late 1830s-mid 1840s.

And of course everyone should have a place that feels like home, so donations from others are welcome as well.

Through donations of artifacts and material culture of other sorts, the following people have ensured their families will be remembered and they will always have a place where they are welcome:

  • Proceeds from Helen MacDonald of Glenaladale “Miss Nelly” (purchase here ) donated by the family of Genevieve MacDonald, Hillsborough River Assoc. & PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society:
  • Exploring Glenaladale donated by Sterling Stratton. Sterling developed this sketchbook after realizing just what a special place Glenaladale is! All proceeds from sales support the work of Glenaladale Heritage Trust.
  • The “Cameron McEwen Island History Collection” donated by Cameron McEwen and curated by Donna Collings
  • A selection of books donated by Shirley McNally Tuplin
  • A selection of Scottish-themed books donated by Jane Walker
  • An assortment of antique furniture, books, and household goods donated by Marion Clark
  • 5-piece parlour set donated by Donald “Apple Valley “ and Patrice MacDonald and their family: William (Billy), Benjamin, Emily-Kate, Sarah-Jayne, Patrick, and Gemma-Dawn.
  • A crystal punchbowl, cups, & ladle donated by Fran MacPhail, who was told it had belonged to a Lt. Governor…provenance TBD
  • A quantity of cups and saucers donated by Belinda Montigny
  • A pennant from Ontario Agricultural College donated by Clare Mullen. It belonged to Claude MacKinnon who had studied there before joining the federal government in Ottawa.
  • Prints, frames, lanterns, & antique farm tools donated by Morley and Rolla Smith

While we can not guarantee all items will be used in the house, we are proud to add them to our collections and will do everything we can to include them in other buildings, either now or in the future.