Apple Valley parlour set

This 5-piece settee came from the “Apple Valley” MacDonald homestead in Pisquid, PEI. The homestead was last lived in by John Damien and Marie MacDonald, from 1934 to 1987.

Other Keepers were:

• Frank & Maggie “Apple Valley” MacDonald during the 1860s
• Frank’s father, John A (married Cecilia “Apple Valley”). Their son died in early 1900s and John died in 1905.
• John and Philemena “Apple Valley” MacDonald (siblings) – 1950s
• John D “Apple Valley” and Marie MacDonald until 1987, with their children: Joan, Reg, Donald, Marion Bernadette and Jacinta.

The settee was always kept in the parlor at the homestead in Pisquid and only used for special occasions. Upon the death of John D and Marie MacDonald, the settee went to Donald “Apple Valley” and Patrice MacDonald, Blooming Point, PEI. [We] don’t know the exact age of the settee, but when we had it re upholstered in the 1990s [we were told] it was very old―quite likely would have been purchased by Frank’s parents, John and Cecelia “Apple Valley”. The Pisquid homestead was burned by arson in January 2017.

(Information courtesy of Donald and Patrice MacDonald.)