A New Year’s Update

To start this exciting year in Glenaladale’s future we reflect on all that was accomplished in 2018. We hope you’ll be as impressed as we are with what a small group of dedicated volunteers can accomplish with the help of funders and donors who share the same vision!

In early March we obtained title to the magnificent Glenaladale Estate, with the funding assistance of Canadian Heritage’s Cultural Spaces program and a mortgage from the provincial government. All Islanders and friends of heritage and environmental preservation can be proud of the Trust’s accomplishments in preserving this 529¾ acre national treasure.

An immediate challenge was to get a handle on the contents of the house. We were very pleased to have had two exceptional students with us this summer; a shout out to Lianne Poole and Aiden Campbell who handled the task with an amazing level of enthusiasm! Assisted by local volunteers, they managed to catalogue most of the incredibly broad range of artifacts, covering a 100 year span of life in this wonderful home.

We were happy to host groups of students to the property: in co-operation with the Winter River-Tracadie Bay Watershed Association a few groups of elementary and junior high students participated in planting trees and cleaning the shoreline of the property. We also hosted Ms Pendergast’s Morell High history class and look forward to more schools having a field trip at Glenaladale as time goes on.

We decided early on to open the house on an “as is” basis for tours on Sunday afternoons throughout the summer. Our dedicated team of volunteers did a terrific job telling the stories and educating visitors about the history of the property and the treasure that is the house itself. Members of the MacKinnon family graciously shared their memories of life at Glenaladale, helping us to build on these stories as time goes on!

We also installed a new gate and held two Git ’er Done Days, managing to clear out the outbuildings and prep the school for the move to its new site this spring. We also brought the verandah back to life with a fresh coat of paint. We are very grateful to the community volunteers―too many to name―and students of the Holland College Heritage Carpentry Retrofit program who made these events both successful and fun.

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In October we received a Governors’ Award from the National Trust for Canada for our “impressive accomplishments to date in securing an exciting future for the historic Glenaladale Estate in Prince Edward Island.” This was in addition to earlier winning our division in their This Place Matters competition.


Glenaladale has many layers to its history and its landscape, something the Office of the Provincial Archaeologist understands quite well. Their team put in many hours determining the locations of the early home-sites, with such positive results that we look forward to a larger public dig to begin next year!

Our inaugural Spirits of Glenaladale event, held in late October, was a big hit! Along with our ceilidhs this summer, we’re gaining a reputation for creating events that speak to the authenticity of PEI’s culture.

Holland College students officially put their stamp on things on November 16th, with the removal of the 3rd floor east window, to be restored at the College’s workshop in Charlottetown.

And with the assistance of the provincial government’s Rural and Regional Development we have just finished critical repairs to the roof and brickwork. A huge relief to have that done!

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Now that winter has set in, we are focussed on background tasks and look forward to big things happening at Glenaladale come spring!

People say our plans are big―and they are! But people also say “Won’t it be wonderful!” Together we can do it: ensure Glenaladale is preserved, its stories are told, and Captain John’s and Sir William C’s dreams of community and of agricultural and rural development are finally achieved!

We are confident in the long-term sustainability of Glenaladale, but still need your help to get us to that point. Our various fundraising efforts have generated over $200,000 to date, but with a substantial mortgage and significant costs for the regeneration, we need to double that amount. Please click here for an overview of some of the various ways you can support our work, or get in touch by emailing glenaladalepei@gmail.com. Donations of any size are gratefully accepted and will be rewarded with on-site recognition. To those who have already committed your support, thank you!

Glenaladale stands as a testament to all that life offered in days gone by, and is a special place for what it offers today as




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