A GRAND day at Glenaladale!

This past Saturday we held our first “Git ‘er Done Day” and made great progress by clearing out one of the outbuildings and touching up the front verandah of the house.

A BIG thank you to a hardworking group of people who helped to make this happen: David, Frank, Alan, Ron, Gail, Woody, and Tony joined Board members Cathy, Mary C., Terry, Cheryl, and Aggi-Rose, who all invested a good amount of sweat equity to the task! Some good laughter made it all much easier and seeing the results was just the icing on the cake 🙂

Check out the photos and we think you’ll agree this was great progress! Stay tuned for the next chance to help out!

One thought on “A GRAND day at Glenaladale!

  1. The old saying never fails. Many hands make light work. It is so nice doing a job and notice the difference right away. And great to meet new people who have “Passion for the project” all good. Thanks to everyone.


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