Thank you

We want to take this opportunity to thank the MacDonald Family–Carl, Catherine, Mary Carla, and Matthew for donating all the proceeds from the sales of the book Helen MacDonald of Glenaladale–Miss Nelly, written by the late Genevieve Irene MacDonald, to the Glenaladale Heritage Trust. We also wish to thank the PEI Scottish Settlers Historical Society for printing the book, the provincial Dept of Education, Early Learning and Culture for financial assistance from Community Cultural Partnership Program, and the Hillsborough River Association for hosting the book launch.

Last Thursday evening we had a great turnout for the launch and appreciate everyone who came to show their support and purchased a copy of this story about an amazing young women of the late 1700’s who stepped up to the many new challenges life brought her way.

Books can be purchased online via the link at the bottom of this page, at the Glenaladale Estate, in Charlottetown at McAskill Woodworking Limited [26 Beasley Ave] and The Bookmark [172 Queen St], or send us an email at The book sells for $10.00 plus shipping.

Book Cover - Helen MacDonald of Glenalladale - Miss Nelly

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