A History of Mount Stewart: Illustrated & Extended Edition

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As things continue to progress behind the scenes with Glenaladale, we thought this would be a good chance to let everyone know of a recent project by one of our partner groups.

Hillsborough River Association (HRA) has just re-published Frank Pigot’s highly regarded 1975 history of Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island. HRA’s Publishing Committee—Dan McAskill, Aggi-Rose Reddin, and Jim Hornby—have added over 200 photos, illustrations, and maps; a timeline and community updates to 2017; and both an every-name index and a photos & illustrations index. At over 300 pages in length, the history also includes some information on Mount Stewart’s neighbouring communities.

In the words of Ed Macdonald, Chair and Professor of History at University of Prince Edward Island:

“From pre-historic times to the recent past, Mount Stewart has boasted a local history with a much larger significance than might be expected…its story is in large measure PEI’s story. It commemorates our aboriginal heritage…it encompasses wonderful characters such as Captain John MacDonald of Glenaladale, the pioneer of Scots Catholic settlement of Prince Edward Island, and the doughty “HellfireJack” Stewart, who gave the community its name. It also tackles crucial themes: the Island’s legendary shipbuilding industry; its evolving transportation infrastructure; the nature of village enterprise and social life; and the struggles of rural community in an urbanizing age.”

A History of Mount Stewart: Illustrated & Extended Edition sells for $20 and is available locally through the Mount Stewart Irving, and in Charlottetown at McAskill’s Woodworking, 26 Beasley Ave., and Bookmark, 172 Queen St. For mail order or further information, please contact hillsboroughriver[at]gmail.com ISBN 978-1-77515-990-2

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