Special CD for sale

Last week I was given a box of very special CD’s to sell for Glenaladale. This CD is a collection of Fiddle music featuring Colin J Boyd of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Colin J Boyd was a pioneer Scottish Fiddler and he was the first eastern Canadian Scottish Fiddler to make a record –his first three in 1928 on the Colunbia label. His daughter Mary Boyd has been a big supporter of the Glenaladale project and lives in the community. She has donated these for us to sell. What I really enjoyed about the CD–besides the great tunes–was the sound. The CD was made from the records so it has that old sound a lot of us listened to in our youth. The CDs will sell for $20.00 and you can email me (maplehillcaner@gmail.com) if you are off Island and would like a price on shipping one to you or contact me and arrange to pickup if you are on the Island. I have attached a picture of the cover of the CD and the inside info on Colin J Boyd.

There is a limited quantity–so don’t procrastinate!!

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