Battle of Culloden

Today marks the 271st. anniversary of the Battle of Culloden. The Battle of Culloden, April 16th. 1746, marked the end of the Jacobite uprising of 1745 and the beginning of much change for many of our ancestors.

The ancestors of many of the Glenaladale Settlers were directly involved with the Jacobite uprising and in helping get Bonnie Prince Charlie safely out of Scotland to France. For this they suffered consequences.

One example of this is Mary MacDonald of the Kinlochmoidart MacDonalds and wife of Hugh Ban MacEachern. Mary had six uncles who fought for the Jacobite cause. Her Uncle Donald was tried and executed, Uncle Capt. Dr. John was captured, tortured and released,  Uncle Capt Ronald was  pardoned, Uncle Capt Aeneas ( one of the seven men of Moidart who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape) was captured and sentenced to death–he received a kings pardon and went to France, Uncle Capt. Allan also went to France after Culloden and finally Uncle Capt James was captured, escaped and went to America. The manor house of Kinlochmoidart was burned and many people captured and livestock destroyed.

What happened to Marys family, happened to many of the families who supported the Jacobite uprising. Capt Johns father Major Alexander was wounded at Culloden and his home was destroyed and cattle taken.

It is no wonder than that we grew up knowing about the Battle of Culloden, the story being told with both a sense of pride for being a part of it and helping Prince Charlie escape under the nose of many English soldiers, and anger at the treatment dished out to the Highlanders after.

Commemorative services will be held at Culloden this year, and in other parts of the world as Highlanders pause to remember these men.

As we mark this day, I hope we will pause and remember all those who have died, and suffered consequences,  for a “cause” -not only at the Battle of Culloden,  but the many battles since around the world.

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